International Arrivals at Sydney Airport

Sydney's Kingsford-Smith Airport (SYD) is not only the busiest airport in Australasia, it is the primary port of entry for the majority of travellers to Australia. With strict security & policies in place by the Australian government to uphold the highest levels of public health & safety, the WAHO 2019 Conference Team will be unable to greet international guests until AFTER they have passed Border Security, baggage retrieval and Customs & Quarantine.

Please refer to the detailed information and links below to know what to expect when you arrive, what items are restricted by the Australian government & the documents required by international travellers to ensure your arrival into SYD is efficient, enjoyable and uncomplicated. The Government of Australia has conveniently provided Tips for Travellers, summarising the Do's & Don'ts of navigating Border Security as well as Customs & Quarantine. We would strongly encourage all registered participants to familiarise themselves with these policies & guidelines. We would also encourage you to Download the Guide to Customs & Border Protection for a complete detailed instructions to a problem-free arrival in Australia. The Australian Department of Home Affairs has also compiled a detailed list of what to expect when Arriving into Australia

Prior to Departure

All international travellers not holding either an Australian or New Zealand passport will require a Visitor Visa to enter the country. Please ensure you verify your visa requirements well in advance of arrival to avoid any complications or disappointments, especially if you will be travelling on a passport from any country outside of Europe, the USA or Canada. The WAHO 2019 Conference Team is prepared to assist all registered participants with obtaining all necessary Visitors Visas. We look forward to hearing from you.

Passport holders with eVisitor (subclass 651) & ETA (subclass 601) visas will have their valid entry visas electronically linked to their passport. If you hold more than one passport, it is IMPERATIVE that you travel with the passport to which your Australian visa is linked. All other Visitor Visas (subclass 600) may have a physical visa attached to a passport page. Please ensure the visa issued is valid for the entire length of your stay in Australia.

Besides obtaining a Visitor Visa, international travellers will need a valid passport to enter Australia. Passports should be valid for at least six (6) months prior to arrival date in Australia. To avoid any disappointment, it is recommended that your passport be valid until at least 2020, which will ensure you easily qualify for Visitor Visa issue.  

The Sydney Airport has also conveniently summarised a checklist of guidelines to assist travellers in Breezing Through Arrivals, including baggage packing tips, carry-on luggage restrictions, duty-free allowances, etc. 

Border Security

All arriving passengers must clear the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service checkpoint. Please make sure you have your passport, visitor visa and completed Incoming Passenger Card ready. An Incoming Passenger Card will be issued to you during your flight to Sydney by the airline crew. Please complete this document thoroughly and accurately.  

Once you have deplaned, please follow the clearly marked signs to Passport/Border Security & Baggage Claim. If you hold an eligible ePassport and are aged 16 years or over, you are eligible to use SmartGate when arriving at Australian airports. SmartGate allows you to self-process through passport control using ePassport data and facial recognition technology. All other travellers must present their passport and completed Incoming Passenger Card to a Customs Officer in the 'All Other Passports' line before collecting your baggage. Families & couples travelling together may approach the Customs Officer together. All other passengers should process entry one person at a time.   

In line with Australian Government regulations, please DO NOT take any photos or record film in the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service controlled areas. It would be advisable to turn your smart phones OFF until after you have entered the International Arrivals Hall. 

Baggage Retrieval

Once your passport has been stamped/cleared by Border Security, check the electronic monitors for your arriving flight number and corresponding baggage carousel number. All arriving baggage carousels are located just a few short steps down from Border Security. Please ensure you have ALL of your baggage before lining up to clear Australian Customs & Quarantine. Baggage trolleys are available free of charge to accommodate easy retrieval and transport of all your belongings.

Be sure to keep your Incoming Passenger Card handy. You will need to present this document to the Customs Officer prior to entering the Customs & Quarantine area. You may safely store your passport. You should not need to present your passport to any further Customs officials, unless a thorough baggage search is conducted in Customs & Quarantine.     

Customs & Quarantine

Quarantine is taken very seriously in Australia. The continent's geographical isolation has resulted in a higher level of biosecurity than other regions of the world, an asset that is fiercely guarded and protected. The Australian Government has strict security measures and procedures restricting or prohibiting certain items from being brought into Australia. For more information on items you must declare and what items you cannot bring into Australia, please visit the Department of Agriculture website

You will be asked on the Incoming Passenger Card (example provided), in question 10, if you have been 'in contact with farms, farm animals... in the past 30 days'. Please answer this question truthfully. You will be questioned by Customs Officers about the cleanliness of your clothes & boots in relation to you farm/farm animal contact. We would strongly encourage you to ensure all of your footwear & outerwear (jackets, jumpers, pullovers, etc.) are thoroughly clean and free from all soil. Packing these items near the top of your luggage will help expedite processing times in Customs should an Officer deem it necessary to search your luggage to verify quarantine compliance.  

If you are not selected for luggage inspection, you will be told by the Customs Officer to follow the signs to EXIT the International Arrivals Hall. Please do not linger in the Quarantine area. You may take your baggage trolley with you when exiting.

International Arrivals Hall 

Passing through the opaque sliding doors of the Customs & Quarantine area into the International Arrivals Hall will denote your successful navigation of Australian Border Security. It is here that the WAHO 2019 Conference Team driver will greet you and arrange your transport to your local accommodation. Please look for your surname on a sign with the WAHO 2019 Conference logo in the International Arrivals Hall.

The International Arrivals Hall in Sydney can be a VERY busy place. Please rest assured that we will find & welcome you after your long journey, and assist you every step of the way as you embark on your WAHO 2019 Conference Australia adventure.

A special thank you to the official WAHO 2019 Conference Australia partners, patrons & sponsors