Inspiring Australasia

Australasia is one of the most remote, exotic and inspiring regions on the planet. Encompassing the area known as Oceania, Australasia is comprised of the continent of Australia, the region's largest land mass, the islands of New Zealand, and all of Melanesia, a vast archipelago of islands that includes Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands & Vanuatu. 

When visiting Australia for the WAHO 2019 Conference, we would encourage attendees to take advantage of the long trip to the opposite side of the planet and plan some extra time to visit the natural wonders of Australasia. The tourism links below will guide you to the endless possibilities that await the intrepid traveller.   

Visit NSW | Central Coast

Central Coast Australia

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Visit | Tourism Melbourne

Visit | Victoria Tourism | Queensland Tourism

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Destination Gold | Gold Coast Tourism

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