Guest Speakers

An engaging & enlightening highlight of every WAHO Conference are the educational presentations scheduled throughout the General Assembly sessions. We are proud to present five special presentations featuring seven universally admired equine experts from around the globe. For more information, please refer to the details below.

Wednesday - 06 February 2019 | Opening Ceremony Presentation

From the Desert to the Lands Down Under - a brief canter through two centuries of Arabian horse breeding in Australia & New Zealand  

An illustrated and interactive presentation encompassing over two centuries of Arabian horse history in Australasia, highligting the topics covered in the recently published 'Hoofprints in History - Australasia's Arabian Horses'. Discover how Australia & New Zealand evolved from equid-free nations just over two centuries ago, to two of the most important equine breeding & competition nations in the world.

Presenters: Coralie Gordon, Allan Preston & David Gillett  

Friday - 08 February 2019 | Throughout the day of the General Assembly

Causes and Prevention of Injuries in Race & Endurance Horses 

Guest Speaker: Dr. R. Chris Whitton | University of Melbourne

Welfare and Ethics in Horse Breeding and Horse Sports
| video presentation

Guest Speaker: Dr. Madeleine Campbell | The Royal Veterinary College, UK

It All Begins With A Foal: Practical new techniques in foaling practices and foal care, from birth to weaning

Guest Speaker: Cindy Reich | California Polytechnic University, USA

When Social Media Gallops Ahead
 Sport Horse Welfare and Social Licence to Operate

Guest Speaker: Julie Fiedler | University of Central Queensland


Guest Speaker Profiles

Dr. Madeline Campbell

Madeleine Campbell is the RVC's Lecturer in Human/Animal Interactions and Ethics. She was previously the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow in Veterinary Ethics. Madeleine is a European recognised Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (Dip ECAWBM (AWSEL)), and a European and a RCVS Recognised Specialist in Equine Reproduction (DipECAR). She is also the sole Partner at Hobgoblins Equine Reproduction Centre. Madeleine was the first Veterinary Surgeon to be awarded a Wellcome Trust Fellowship in Biomedical Ethics, and used that funding to research the ethics of assisted reproductive techniques in non-human mammals.

Julie Fiedler

Julie has held the role of Executive Officer at The Horse Federation of South Australia (Horse SA), for 18 years. The wide-ranging role involves engagement of the broader horse owning organisations and community on topics including recreational trails, emergency preparedness and sustainable land management. Julie is near completion of a Masters in Communication (by research) with Central Queensland University, Appleton Institute, Adelaide. The thesis is titled ‘Sport Horse Welfare and Social Licence to Operate’. Julie has a particular interest in helping organisations which are looking at ways to manage the future sustainability of sports and activities involving horses. 

David Gillett

David bred his first Arabian when he was 14 years old and now, nearly twenty five years later his Diamond Road Arabian Stud has produced several Australian National Champions. David is the editor of the annual Arabian Studs and Stallions publication, and he exhibits a strong focus on promoting Arabians to all horses lovers, as demonstrated by the fact that Diamond Road Arabians currently boasts the highest number of socials connections of any Arabian stud in Australia. An avid trail rider, David has never attended a WAHO confernce and is looking forward to meeting Arabian enthusiasts from around the globe. 

Coralie Gordon

Coralie Gordon and her husband Ken have bred over 200 Purebred and Anglo Arabian horses at The Cameo Stud on Queensland’s Darling Downs over the past 45 years. Their breeding programme for the last 25 years has focussed on the sport of endurance, in which they are still active and enthusiastic participants, using the bloodlines of their well-known stallions Chip Chase Desert Wind and Cedardell Zanzibar, with the extraordinary mares of the Crabbet Silver Family. Currently 77 Cameo-bred horses are listed on the Australian Endurance Riders Association’s Aeraspace programme, with more competing overseas. Coralie is a writer and researcher of Arabian history who has participated in 7 editions of The Arabian Horse in Australia series of books for the AHSA, as well as writing several books of her own, many booklets, and articles for Australian and overseas magazines. She was co-organizer of the WAHO Horse Parades for both the 1984 and 2000 Australian WAHO Conferences, both writing and commentating. Coralie has been both an Arabian Judge and examiner, as well as a Director of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia for 27 years, serving two terms as Chairman. In 2018 Coralie wrote the Australian component of the AHSA’s latest publication, “Hoofprints in History”.

Cindy Reich

Cindy grew up on her parent’s Arabian horse farm in Colorado. After graduating from Colorado State University, she worked for over 35 years managing some of the largest Arabian horse breeding farms in the United States, such as Varian Arabians (California), Lasma Arabians East (Kentucky), Aries Arabians (Wisconsin), Wrigley Arabians (Wisconsin), Wolf Springs Ranch (Colorado), Der Eeersten Stuvyer (Holland) and Stella Bella Arabians (Texas). Cindy has also managed the client reproductive herd for Colorado State University’s Equine Reproduction Laboratory and currently manages the breeding and herd health for Cal Poly Pomona University’s legendary WK Kellogg Arabian Horse Center (California), the longest continuing Arabian breeding program in the United States.  As a journalist, she writes a monthly column, "Stud Farm Diaries" for the Arabian Horse World magazine and has contributed to many equine publications worldwide. Furthermore, Cindy is a well known International Arabian horse judge, judging the National shows in the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Ecuador, Namibia, South Africa, Sweden and Venezuela.. She markets Arabian horses and consults through her Cindy Reich Equine business and also conducts clinics and seminars around the world. 

Dr. R. Chris Whitton

Chris leads equine orthopaedic research at the University of Melbourne. This involves a multidisciplinary approach using biomechanics, microstructural analysis and epidemiology. Chris brings a clinical focus to his research due to his role in investigating and treating lame horses as a specialist equine surgeon within the Veterinary Teaching Hospital where he has worked since November 2004. Chris trained as a specialist at the University of Sydney where he completed a PhD before moving to work at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, England as a specialist surgeon and scientist. He ran his own referral practice and scintigraphy unit at the Newcastle Equine Centre from 1999 to 2004. Chris has lectured and published extensively on lameness and musculoskeletal injury prevention. His current research interests are in equine limb function, subchondral bone and the epidemiology of equine limb injuries. 

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