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Founded in 1970, the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) is a registered charity in the United Kingdom. For nearly half a century, WAHO has been a catalyst for positive change and collaboration between member countries, uniting diverse cultures, philosophies and traditions from around the world under the common banner of creating a better and brighter future for the Arabian horse worldwide. 

WAHO currently has sixty-three (63) Registering Authority Member countries and three (3) Applying Member countries, together with nineteen (19) additional countries whose Arabians are registered for them by neighbouring registries, making a grand total of eighty-five (85). There are also twenty-five (25) Associate Member Countries of WAHO. In addition, over the decades, nearly 3,000 people from all over the world who share an interest in Arabian horses have joined as Individual Associate Members.

Central to WAHO's mission, the WAHO Conferences very much combine the business of WAHO and its Membership with the pleasure of seeing old friends and making new ones, all sharing a common passion for the Arabian horse. Normally held every two years and hosted by a Member Country, there are interesting topics from first class guest speakers during the General Assembly itself, as well as a variety of social events, associated tours, and most importantly the chance to see many of the host country's Arabian horses and learn about their breeding programmes and activities. These engaging and entertaining events also highlight the host country's unique culture and traditions, while promoting awareness, understanding and cooperation amongst the diverse global membership of WAHO.

In 2019, nearly 20 years after the 2000 WAHO Conference held on Queensland's Gold Coast, Australia is once again proud to host the 23rd WAHO Conference from 05-08 February 2019 in Terrigal, New South Wales. Pre-conference tours are available from 01-04 February in Sydney, and post-conference tours are scheduled for 09-10 February in the Hunter Valley, as well as from the 11-17 February in Victoria, Queensland & New Zealand.

The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. looks forward to celebrating the Arabian horse with the unique international "WAHO family", and to welcoming many delegates and observers from around the world at this important and prestigious gathering, showcasing and sharing the best of Australia– our heritage & horses, our passion & perspective, our culture & cuisine - with you all.

If you are not already a WAHO member and would like to attend the Conference, please contact the WAHO Office. Contact details can be found on the WAHO website

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